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Grammy history making CD! Scientifically engineered music that dogs actually listen to.

As seen on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines...

"I have to admit I was very skeptical before I went out there and when we played these tapes (CDs) the dogs actually for once paid attention to me." - Cecily Tynan - Prime Time Weekend - WPVI Channel 6 ABC, Philadelphia

"They made Melodies for Man's Best Friend" - Philadelphia Inquirer - By Mary Anne Janco "No barks, howls or yips on this instrumental CD."

Dog World Magazine rated the Just Dogs Music CD collection a "good buy"

"...people can benefit, too" - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists



First scientifically produced music for dogs, music dogs listen to! 
Watch as your dog selects and responds to a favorite melody! 
Strengthens the bond between you and your dog! 
Enhances your dog's attention span for more effective training!

Just Dogs Touching Tunes CD is produced to bring about
a greater consciousness in dogs making life more manageable
for both the dog and the owner / companion. 
This is an easy to apply system of touching techniques. 

The first Holiday music for dogs! 
These tracks are overflowing with the Holiday Spirit! 
A collection of, uniquely arranged, instrumentals that are moving and uplifting! 
Holiday music your dog will listen to - now and for years to come!

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